For numerous reasons, many masterwork houses disappear silently as time goes by.
No matter how precious they are, preservation of these houses through multiple generations is not easy because they are private properties. Losing prestigious residences means not only the loss of their specialized architectural techniques or unique spaces,
but also their original way of life and the memory of the landscapes they have nurtured.
We call this valuable architecture and surrounding environment “Heritage Houses."
Cooperating with many people who understand the value of residential heritage and who have a strong interest in their preservation, we founded “HERITAGE HOUSES TRUST“
Our aim is to maintain the life and vitality of these heritage houses.




Chief Director : Masamitsu Nozawa
Board of Directors : Toshiko Kinoshita, Manabu Shinbori, Masakuni Tamura,
Yasuyoshi Hayashi, Chiaki Yoshimi, Ken Tadashi Oshima
Auditors : Akira Matsukuma
Advisors :
Seizo Uchida, Tuneharu Otani, Osamu Goto, Hidenobu Jinnai,
Reiko Tomita, Terunobu Fujimori, Hiroshi Matsukuma,
Ken Tadashi Oshima